14 June 2012

Introducing myself

Hi, I'm Azzira, but just called me "Achan". Well, seems this is my first post after 1 day I struggling decorate and made my blog. Actually, Blog it's not something new for me, but because I NEVER made the account before, so it's take time a bit. ^^;

As what had I put in my text at the side, and my BLOG DESCRIPTION this is blog for my MUET @ Malaysian University English Test. This is under my MUET's teacher order! So, I made one even I never think that I'll register into Blogger before!(I have a lot of ONLINE friends that have Blogspot, I think, I'll follow them later! XP) Well, as my teacher said "Do what ever you want to your blog!" and I'll follow her instruction, and DO WHAT EVER I WANT TO MY BLOG ESPECIALLY THE DECORATION! XD So you'll see some Drama CDs' banner in my blog! (But Drama CDs sharing is on-going in MY DeviantArt)

And I hope I could improve my English here, actually I already start improving my English with write Drama CDs Journal in my DeviantArt XDDDD)

FEEL FREE VISITING MY BLOG!!! Even I'm not sure either I'll updates them with other things aside from MUET Summary

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