10 December 2012

Officially 18 years old!

Woah!! Without I realize it! I already 18 years old!! Already can read ASDFGHJKLPOIUYTREWQ things, no! No! If I got caught by police, I'm not Juvenile anymore XDDDD

For my birthday, I'm doing nothing much, but, this internet so kind with me and let me download all the series of Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku~Wasurenagusa~! Now, It's complete; only left the vol. 6! Uuuuuuu!!! Toshirin!!!! >///////////////<)/

I thought I wanna listen after done download; especially Hijikata's. But, I'm fasting today, so, next time XDDD Still busy with my Sometimes, I'm heroine doujin. Hope can done this week!!

Right 2 days to go, 12/12/12; I'm not talking about doomdays or what, but that date---POKOTA's Album!!! Will be released!!! FUWOOOOAAAHHHH!!! Can't wait for it!!! I will assume that as my birthday present from him XD Hope his songs could make me HHHNNNNGGGGHHH! because I'm quite strict on songs! XDDD

Maa ii, that's all, I'm lazy to find the pictures to decorate my post this time, plus, I'm rush on my doujin! Jyaa~nee!!