2 September 2012

Otafuse, finally done!

Sorry, may be you all waiting for my updates in DeviantArt...because of some reason, I'll updates them a bit late, starting from next week I'm TOTALLY BUSY (nah~~~everytime you said you are busy XDDD), as you can see at my blog, at the left side the column about 'Will be share next time', that's the list about series that I gonna share, so then, just wait! >.<

1st September -2nd September is the big event for the Sabahan people, this because, the Otafuse Event is happened on that days! Well, I'm going, but ONLY for 1st day, because the 2nd day(today XD), my friends wanna to going my home for Eid's...well, at least I'm going. Nothing much that I could share, only....I'm make performance in the 1st day! >///////< LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I'm only singing, nothing much! But, I'm sing the male songs; Knocking on the mind, but, seems no one know that song...Q[]Q Is Uta no Prince-sama not enough famous in Malaysia??? orz

But, I didn't bought anything because NONE of the things sales in any booths there interesting me, SERIOUSLY! Only Mukuro's cup interested me, but I've no money QmQ, well, the anime that I loves mostly NOT so famous in the Malaysia...orz After that, I just realize that Percent of Otome Gamer in Malaysia still low! Well, even they didn't play( I didn't play any), at least, they know some of the anime that adaptation from otome games...woah!!! I can count by my fingers, who know this otome games!!! >.<

Jyaa! Only that! I'll updates my blog with some more seiyuu or any album next time! ^^ See ya!

P/s: Now in Seiyuu Fandom having a Hot issue about Terashima Takuma and Ichiki Mitsuhiro, you should check Tumblr if want to know more about this! Especially for Seiyuu Fans!

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