24 September 2012

The Latest Internet User’s Act

This post not related to Drama CDs/Animangame, but, only for your information.

A days ago, I make some research about Cyber Crime. Well, I do this for my Pengajian Am’s( General Studies) essay. My question asking about ‘the type of cyber crimes’ and ‘the ways to overcome this crime’, and I put one of the point is ‘the laws enforcement’, I found the newest Malaysia’s Internet user’s act that had been enacted lately, and the Act is ‘Amendment of Information Act 2012 ', this act amended and in forced from last June 2012 (and I just know about this!). The act about;-
  • The PC/Laptop owner need to responsibility if the the post had been used to posted something that broke the Malaysia’s/any countries(??) laws.
  • The PC/Laptop owner need to responsible on anything keep/saved in their Laptop EVEN not they the one SAVED them ( may be something porno/any info@picture that broken the law)
  • The blogger’s/any social’s webs owner must be responsibility in any what they type/updates/status/tweets or any post they did in their site, even NOT them posting it(a.k.a their account had been hacked!)
  • The blogger’s/any social’s webs owner must be responsibility in any what any COMMENTS by their friends/followers IN their account’s site!! In the another words, you are convicted because you posting something that’s make YOUR friends/follower comments something that broken the laws.

Others can read here, but they in Malay, so you may to ask help from Google Translate: Amendment of Information Act 2012

This law actually focusing for someone that LOVES to treacherous or slander on other people. Well, this good actually, but IF any of you impose me with comments something that could make me....So, what I want mentioned here is, don’t you ever try to impose me, or...this is ONLY WARNING. But...seems that’s won’t happened because I’m only posting about Drama CDs and Animangame, that DIDN’T ever related with politics/religions/culture XDDDDD

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