16 November 2012

Teman Pengganti

Last day I listen to the Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku~Wasurenagusa~ Vol. 2; Okita Souji, I choose to listen this not only because this volume already got translation, but Okita Souji personally for me is my the most notable hero and I loves Okita Souji from Hakuouki, even the character in Wasurenagusa is a bit different, and voiced by different seiyuu (Okita Hakuouki by Morikubo Showtaro, while in Wasurenagusa by Suzuki Tatsuhisa), but still both them from the same hero that is OKITA SOUJI!

So, everyone know, I means, IF you make the research or watch Hakuouki, you will know that Okita Souji infected and died(??) because of Tuberculosis[I immediately make the research about TB after know Okita infected by this bacteria!]. This illness also mentioned in Wasurenagusa, but he don't said what type of illness he infected, but everyone can guess it!

Yeah! The ending of Wasurenagusa not sad, but still, could make you cried! But, because I already prepared my mind, so my tear just drool once, and stopped, then, I'm okay.

A days later, I watch the MV of one Malay songs; actually I don't listen much Malay songs lately, not because of hates, but the quality of modern Malay song...not like the year 1970-1980's songs, the quality...HNNNGHHH!!! So, when I watch the MV, my heart was stolen by the song! And the songs reminds me to HIM! Okita Souji. The every line of lyrics and at the end I'm cry...here you can try to listen & watch too, but because they in Malay you may be don't understand, I can't translate whole lyrics, because got rapper part. So, I'll just summarize through what I understand from the lyrics!!!

Teman Pengganti By BLACK & Malique

The "Teman Pengganti" means Replace's Lover...kinda like that?? XDDD I dunno what suits words to translate. The story about this guy who at his end of his life, he updates his calender to see how many days left for him. He imagine [in front of mirror] that his lover spent her times with another guy [because he gonna die!], I think, in that moment he already break with his lover...but may be he didn't tell her the reason WHY he leave her and until the end, then he tell the reason. In that time, to be too late! He know the times up, he keep some money for HIS funeral ceremony, he go to pray and died when he in middle of pray.

All...almost same with Okita, he keep the secret about his illness. Especially the part when he cough blooding ! Totally reminds me to Okita. Well, I'm cry because imagine how he said " Find the another guy that will take care on you..." OMGGG!!!

Here the lyrics, you can tried to translate through the GOOGLE TRANSLATE if you don't understand Malay, but actually I loves the singer Black[ he have an awesome voices] Teman Pengganti

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